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  1. Tout ce qu’on peut espérer, c’est que les bogues mentionnés dans les commentaires de Phillip Dampier seront corrigés d’ici à ce que Vidéotron fasse la commercialisation de l’appareil en novembre. Mais de toute façon, j’ai assez attendu un tel bidule que je ne retarderai pas l’achat d’une seconde et vivrai avec les bogues en attendant!

  2. I’m disappointed with the software upgrades that Videotron keeps applying to my Explorer 8000. It’s obvious that these guys do not know how to test the machine before they release a new firmware version. Or maybe they just don’t care. They told me this morning that my Explorer 8000 will be out of service until at least Monday. It’s been out of service since Friday, so that means no TV for the weekend. This is due to a stupid upgrade that they’ve applied. Almost every month they put a new patch on the Explorer 8000, and each month, there is something wrong with the patch. This has to be the worst patch so far as it completely disabled my machine from working. The others did not completely disable me, but they did cause bugs in the system that were worse than the original problem.

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