Il y a un hic à être au MacWorld en direct. C’est que le keynote est difficile à couvrir. Par les années passées j’ai utilisé de nombreuses stratégies. Primo: il est impossible d’être dans la salle de conférence sans passe. Deuxio: l’exposition (et le kiosque d’Apple) n’ouvre qu’à 10h30. Tertio: il y a habituellement deux retransmissions vidéo sur place, une dans une grande salle réservée à ceux qui n’ont pas eu de place à l’endroit officiel, l’autre dans le kiosque d’Apple.

La meilleure technique consiste habituellement à réussir à entrer dans l’exposition avant 9h00, ce qui est théoriquement impossible sans « passe » d’exposant. Qu’à celà ne tienne, inspiré de « Catch me if you can » j’ai réussi deux fois dans le passé à me faufiler. Je vais tenter le coup demain matin. « Monsieur le gardien, ma passe d’exposant est dans le kiosque »…

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  1. J’ai déja passé plus d’une fois aussi, il suffit de s’installer dans la file, et dans la cohue de l’ouverture des portes ça passe 😉

  2. PRABU. T
    609,Uthukuli Road,
    Kunnathur (PO)
    Erode (Dt) – 638 103.
    Phone: +91-4294-45727


    Incompressible Flow, Turbo Machinery (Water Pumps), Rotating Frames


    Language : C
    Operating Systems : Windows 95/98, and Ms-Dos
    Modeling Packages : ProE2000i
    Analysis Packages : CFD ACE +, CFX 5.4.1, AnSYS 5.4
    CFX TASCflow, Turbogrid, FLUENT 6.1


    Company Profile:

    M/s Sakthi sugars Ltd. (Foundry & CNC machining Division) is the company producing automotive ancillaries for leading car manufacturing companies. The company manufactures the components like ventilated disc brake, steering knuckle, brake drums, manifolds etc.,
    Designation: Trainee Engineer
    Period: Aug 1998 – July 1999

    College Profile:

    PSG College of Technology is one among the top ranked engineering college in India. It is established with various centers of excellences with high-end computational facilities utilized for R&D activities. Established CAD/CAM division supports industrial consultancy activities.
    Designation: Project Coordinator
    Period: July 2001 – till date
    Subjects handling: CFD, FEM for ME graduates


    q Design And Analysis of High Speed Single Stage Submersible Pump

    Client: PSG Industrial Institute, Coimbatore

    The objective of this project is to modify the design of the existing impeller and diffuser of the multistage submersible pump to that of a high-speed single stage pump. The fluid flow performance is modeled using CFD ACE + .The required head of 120 m is achieved using this model. DSIR, Government of India is sponsoring this project under the PATSER scheme. The analysis results are found to be in excellent agreement with the testing carried out on the pump at the PSG Industrial Institute. The model is scheduled for production and will be in the market soon. The results are satisfactory with the analysis results. CFX Tascflow is also being used to further refine the results.

    q Design and Analysis of Impeller for Washing Machine

    Client: M/s Whirlpool of India Ltd., Pondicherry.

    The objective of this project is to design the new impeller for the given condition and analyze that using CFX software. The company is going to implement this model soon in market. The results obtained from the analysis are satisfactory to the customer and they appreciated the work.

    q Analysis of manufacturing accuracy and design aspects of small pumps for energy efficiency using Rapid Proto Typing

    Client: M/s Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

    The objective of this sponsored project is to support the small-scale pump manufacturing industries in their effort to design energy efficient pump. The analysis is carried out using the CFX software

    q CFD Analysis of Various Impeller Position Inside a Circular Volute Centrifugal Pump Casing
    The objective of the study is to analyze the effect of the hydraulic performance and radial hydraulic force characteristics of a circular volute centrifugal pump which are strongly affected by the impeller to volute relative position. The effect of surface roughness of the casing on the performance of the pump is also analyzed.

    q Design And Performance Improvement of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

    Client: M/S T&I Industries, Calcutta

    The objective of this project is to improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger by doing various studies over the existing design. The studies include a detailed analysis of the existing Combustion chamber design, operating parameters and the Heat Exchanger. Optimization of the above parameters increased the temperature in the combustion chamber to 800°C from 600°C.The consumption of wood for the combustion has reduced by 40kg/hr due to control of operating parameters. To incorporate these changes the Heat Exchanger has been redesigned. CFD ACE + has been used to perform the Temperature and Flow analysis. Results are found to be in good agreement with the experimental results.


    1994 – 1998 B.E MECHANICAL
    Institution: Maharaja Engineering College, Coimbatore.
    University: Bharathiar, Coimbatore.
    Marks/Grade: 72 %

    1999 – 2001 M.E ENERGY ENGINEERING
    Institution: PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
    University: Bharathiar, Coimbatore.
    Marks/Grade: 8.95 CGPA

    Doing Final Year M.B.A (OPERATIONS) in IGNOU.

    Passport Details

    Date of Issue: 9/12/1998
    Date of Expiry: 8/12/2008
    Place of Issue: Chennai
    Passport Number: A 6608914


    q Stood class first rank in ME
    q Awarded as “Best outgoing student”


    q Paper published in International Conference on “Digital Analysis and Manufacturing Simulation”.
    q Paper Published in National conference on “Indian CFX users conference”


    q Awarded as best outgoing student of class at PSG College of Technology
    q Zonal level prizewinner in various events during schooling
    q Appreciation certificate by Whirlpool of India Ltd for the better performance

    q CFD training program on GAMBIT and FLUENT by 6.0 FLUENT India (P) Ltd., Pune
    q CFD training program on CFX 5.5.1,Tascflow, Turbo grid by AEA Technologies, Bangalore
    q Communicating at work conducted by ISTE.
    q Virtual Reality training on ONXY supercomputer by SGI


    q Hobbies like Listening to Music, Meditation.
    q Secretary of mechanical engineering association of Maharaja Engineering College of the year 1997-1998
    q Learning GERMAN Language
    q Organizing member for the international conference on “26th national renewable energy conference and international conference on solar energy” held at PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore.

    I confirm that the details of experience and skills stated in the resume are true and correct.


  3. I have done my masters in IIT-Madras nd had 2 years experience in Snecma-Aerospace India in CFD area. i have been to Paris on business trip. I am looking for good CFD analysis job and where I can use my technicl knowledge.

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