However, the idea that there is a correlation between fast food and obesity does have a basis in fact. Economists Shin-Yi Chou, Henry Saffer, and Michael Grossman found that the increase in fast-food restaurants between 1972 and 1997 is related to the growth of obesity. But their paper shows that both fast food and obesity are really consequences of deep underlying trends in the economy. These include an increase in the number of working women and decline in stay-at-home moms, the increased amount of time devoted to work by both men and women, and the decline in smoking, among other things.

(in National Review Online, via Marginal Revolution)

Une réflexion sur « corrélation. »

  1. Je vois que de plus en plus d’études, expliquant les nouveaux problèmes qui émergent dans la société, attribuent la faute aux femmes sur le marché du travail.

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