Ok, let’s try to do this in English.

Conference starting with Loïc talking. Usual thanks to everybody.

Scoble + Schel Israel: on Naked Conversation.

– The more popular your blog become, less influencial it gets.
– Blog is not a « traditional » marketing tool. It’s conversation.
– You can’t fake the blog.
– no more traditionnal marketing and PR, blog is better (but VERY different).
– blogging is just a tool.
– It’s like a continuous social event.
– (Chamber of commerce dinner are « out »! Good.)
– There is a cultural (country and company) aspect to blogging (doesn’t work everywhere).
– Some companies (MS) think that they’ll get bad PR if they don’t blog.
– They don’t know what to do about negative comments.
– Blogs create new evangelists (client evangelists).
– You can’t blog alone, you must join the network.
– You must start conversations.
– You must scale, keep some conversation personnal, different level.
– Is it really global? limited to the tech world?
– Language is a barrier, thousand of blogs not in English.


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