About China:
Technology change agent, but not the same culture, not content oriented.
Self control, not to upset. A balance that works, evolution, but not the same speed.
Americans are adapting. Asian trendsetters (xbox 360 = asian design).
Difficult to understand China from the outside, we think that we need to change it.
History doesn’t have the same definition, speed of change is not the same.

Ben: Freedom of speech is not the first thing we should have (food, home, etc.).

Thomas: the government does not have the information without freedom of speech.

About Changing the world (with Reid Hoffman, CEO LinkedIn):

– Ethics
– Taking pictures of anybody, and posting them for the world to see.
– Culture? Acceptable?
– No camera sign in the Nokia Headquarters.
– New ethics of secret.
– Sometimes secrets are important to society.

Not having enough time.
Too much thinking.
Changing the world is big, and we don’t know how it will change.
Give up a level of control.

Une réflexion sur « closing. »

  1. Je commence a comprendre l’assimilation des français ! Que quelques jours à Paris, et déjà CFD publie majoritairement ses billets en anglais 😉

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