Yé! Ben! Nice chap. (en kilt.)

Eight Big Ideas of the 21st Century
(and why blogging isn’t one of them.)

Society tends to get better… (in the long term)
(an optimist!)

We are due for a renaissance.

But something weird is happening.

Information technology builds upon itself, facilitates every other type of progress.

Who here has a job he could explain to himself, if he went back in time 15 years?

Moore’s Law

Kryder’s Law

8 ideas that freak out the men in suits (resist change!):

1. Information wants to be free. (copyright)
2. Zero distance (borders)
3. Mass amateurisation (censorship)
(cost going down, now have the right to get it wrong, how long?)
4. More is much more (network blocking)
(peer to peer, free phone call)
5. True Names (Identity cards and databases)
6. Viral behaviour (more networking blocking)
7. Everything is personal (everything is trackable)
8. Ubiquitous computing (no privacy)

French government law is going to make the email illegal.

A decision point:
unstopped » progress continues
stopping: social decision
society is changing now

So what do we (I) do?
(a tipping point!)

Lucky to be here.
Like the berlin wall, mandela, etc.
(1991: web server turned on » turning point for human society)
We are living the first incarnation of a major revolution: the renaissance.
(We would have been friend with Leonard de Vinci).

Unlucky to be here. also.

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