De la réponse à «je ne sais pas».

He told me that he and his family were having lunch a few weeks back with another family — adults clustered at one end of the table, kids at the other. And at one point in the conversation, Gundotra’s friend asks a question that Gundotra doesn’t know the answer to. He says, « I don’t know, » which is when his four-year-old — previously indifferent to the adults’ conversation — chimes in: « Daddy, » she asks, « where’s your phone? »

« What happened was, she heard me tell my friend ‘I don’t know,' » Gundotra told me. « And when she hears me say, ‘I don’t know,’ she expects me to pick up my iPhone and get an answer. That’s the world a four-year-old is growing up in. »

– Via iPhone Central.

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