Du Web 2.0 Expo: Keynote du jeudi matin.

The Twit Network (Twitter version of The Social Network)

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Baratunde Thurston (souvenir de SXSW!) from The Onion: How to be mayor! Taking politics to the next level! Une «campagne» bien documentée pour conserver la mairie du resto Delicatessen. Very very  funny.

Tom Conrad, Pandora:

  • 2.0 is not what we think. we are seeking Internet connection everywhere.
  • Pandora: first built on the web (20% of radio listening at work, so break free in the pc). Invest in every device. now 50% use pandora on « PCs ».
  • automobile industry moves slowly, demand is too high for Pandora like usage, internet connected world makes them move quicker (and they do!).
  • billions channel now, helping people navigate that. back to simplicity, ease of use (in car, in palm of your hand, everywhere, different network too).
  • monetize. advertising is not the same.
  • partnering is important.
  • get use to failing. work to succeed.
  • you must be excited about this world. change the world! real world.

Anil Dash (long time no see…) anime la discussion avec Ryan Sarver, le gars de plateforme (API) @ Twitter.

  • rien à signaler. ils ont un api, il sert différentes plateformes. zzz.

Bret Taylor arrive, CTO of Facebook. Could be fun.

  • doit-on choisir une plateforme? des cultures différentes. facebook is social from the ground up.
  • should we standardise APIs (for sign in, for profile access, core function)?
  • oauth/openid, else, too many difference. These products is very different.
  • activity stream standard? (rss was a standard, anil dash: rss failed, user don’t use it).
  • rss was too ambitious. activity stream is core, is evolving too quickly to standardize. over time some will be standardize, but it still to early, would reduce innovation / competition.
  • facebook tried to define a standard around « the social graph », project is still in it’s infancy. facebook is about connecting things, and defining identity, not just the stream.
  • twitter and « favorites », does it do something?? (good question), could it be Twitter’s « like ».
  • serving the food trucks? moving around town? business and location.
  • we have not seen the best of location and social application. still in its infancy.
  • Trust of the platform: developpers must trust twitter and facebook, balance and frontiers, be transparent. Communicate internally that’s important for developpers to succeed. long term, short term.

The Future of Work

  • If we could automate everything, would we be happy (Player Piano, Vennegut)
  • Point: automation will cause an increase in jobs.
  • chômage, varie entre 4 et 12% depuis 1948…
  • workforce augmente
  • litteracy augmente
  • besoin de plus de travailleurs, pour feeder les systèmes de reconnaissance.
  • pas de travail: violence, poverty.
  • a job is better than a handout.
  • biggest job creator: assembly line (Ford 1913).
  • small task for everybody.
  • China: big factory.
  • Africa: no infrastructure for big factory.
  • the sewing machine of the future: the cheap laptor (Buquette 2.0 voilà!)
  • assembly line of the future is connected and distributed.
  • reducing the friction of collaboration.
  • she put together a 911 SMS system.
  • poor people are productive assets for society.
  • they will solve the data problem, and save poverty at the same time.
  • inspiring.

John Miller, NewsCorp:

  • working with Rupert Murdoch, smartest person in « old media », and curious.
  • strategy, and business.
  • history of a turnaround guy. we don’t have a great history of turnaround in that industry.
  • sustainable company are important. Not a long enough list. Relative to the great people and all the capital invested.
  • turnaround: it’s product lead (not marketing). no point for showing up.
  • mobile usage: apple is simple, you deal with apple. android, you deal with phone maker, carriers, google, not necessarily clear for content/app providers…
  • some people do news, some people do advertising, not the same business. doubleclick exchange, instant market that scales, google-like.
  • worried about: health of non-sustainable company with lots of users.
  • excited about: devices are getting really good, loves the iPad (can survive with it), can’t imagine how great the future will be (they are great today.)

Nick Bilton on the future of publishing, The NY Times R&D Lab and bit blog.

  • sensors as reporters, able to report data and tell stories.
  • newspaper 2.0 (wha’s next: flexible display)
  • data visualization research: telling stories.
  • Book: I live the future and here’s how it works.
  • 30000 recherches du mot « sex » par seconde.
  • Porn can tell us something about the future of media.
  • 2006: 2.8$ billions revenue.
  • adult content at the forefront of tech
  • Peter Johnson: Pornography drives the technology: why not to censor the internet. (books, telephone, vhs, dvd…)
  • Analyse the porn industry in California. Big publishing: Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler #Failed. Kept trying to push the papers, did not explore the digital world.
  • Digital: niche. Selling an experience, not the content. People pay 25$.
  • Same as all media industries (msn, music, movie/cable, etc.)
  • more to life than porn:
  • I can’t concentrate. me is multitasking, i’m at my best.
  • the ability to engage in two tasks at the same time depends entirely on what the tasks are.
  • our brain is multitasking all the time. (Brodmann’s Area 10)
  • Tecnochondria. fear of new technologies. Livres catastrophes: distracted, Is google making us stupid.
  • fear in every industries…
  • Videogames: tetris and the brain, makes you better. Nice research.
  • Brain is adapting, it’s not evolution.
  • We where never born to read. (brain). We were never born to surf the web.
  • Going online is a new narrative.
  • business models? don’t talk about it yet, because we still don’t know what we are selling. Selling newspapers on post-it notes? not.
  • inspirant (ça c’est un conférencier!)

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