Note: ne pas laisser écrit sur son tableau de salle de conférence le mot « synergie » lorsque l’on y invite des gens 2.0.

Une réflexion sur « 2.0 »

  1. Carl,

    Merci pour la rencontre et le compliment 🙂

    De l’Economist:

    At some point “Web 2.0” took on a life of its own, being applied to online social networks, collective intelligence, blogging and podcasting and “participation” in general. It started being used in sentences that also contained other buzzwords, such as the “long tail”, “folksonomies”, or the “semantic web”. It is in danger of meeting the fate of “core”, “synergy”, and “leverage”, but, for the time being, Mr O’Reilly is delighted.

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