Macworld Expo is set to return to Boston in 2004 after IDG moved to the show to New York City in 1998, according to Business Today; "Big Apple officials, as they attempted to keep the giant tech show at the Jacob R. Javits convention center, pulled out all the stops – including appearances by Broadway stars. [But Boston’s] package included the use of the city-owned Parkman House on Beacon Hill and the courtyard of the Boston Public Library for private receptions for Macworld attendees. [Boston] City Hall also threw in banner advertising touting the show in city lamp posts, while state convention officials offered free rent on the meeting hall under construction in South Boston. But with the decision now made, Greco and IDG are planning an Oct. 17 press conference." (via MacNN)

Joie! Enfin! Je réserve immédiatement!

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